- Will simple adblock block all ads?
- Are the filters optimized for my geographic region?
- What are privacy filters?
- Can I edit my own filters with simple adblock?

Q: Will simple adblock block all ads?

Simple Adblock uses the EasyList filters developed for Adblockplus, by the late Rick752

The filters are generic and are maintained so they will block effectively for most webpages. However as the filters are generic there will be websites where the adblocking will not work. Especially because the EasyList filter is optimized mainly towards websides in english. The filters are today updated by an active community maintained by Ares2.

If you want to support the work carried out by the community and help them create more accurate filters, please join the community forum:

Q: Are the filters optimized for my geographic region?

As the main EasyList filter works best for english webpages, the best adblocking is achieved by accompanied the main filter with a local filter, targeting the country you live in.
Based on your country settings, we will find the filters available. We currently use the Easylist filters, http://easylist.adblockplus.org/ , which are available for Bulgaria, France, Germany, Korea, Romania and Vietnam.

For China there is a community driven list: http://code.google.com/p/adblock-chinalist/

There are still many countries not covered, but we are working on a way to fix this…

Q: What are privacy filters?

When browsing the web, many sites uses a combination of cookies and tracking scripts to follow you around the web. A tracking script is reporting the site you are visiting back to the tracking party together with an ID stored in a cookie. This is used to make up a profile of your browsing behavior and in some cases it can be linked to information about you on social sites as facebook. For further reading please visit: Online Tracking.

To protect your privacy the Easylist Community is maintaining a privacy filter called Easy Privacy, which blocks the main tracking scripts.

Q: Can I edit my own filters with simple adblock?

Simple Adblock is supposed to be easy for everyone to use. Therefore that is not an option, but we are working on a way to make it easy to edit filters and hide elements.

Until then we have made a temporary workaround: personal filters